Hello, and welcome to my Landscape photography...

Although my family originally hailed from the London area, I have spent most of my life in East Anglia; otherwise I may have turned my attention to urban photography instead? I’ve always been keen on imagery from endless hours spent drawing as a teenager, but being bought my first ever SLR camera when in my twenties, opened up a whole new world for me and when digital came of age I was hooked.

I am generally self-taught, but the influence of the internet cannot be understated, with an abundance of knowledge and inspiration at your fingertips, not forgetting the wealth of marketing opportunities available to any artist. I wouldn’t say I’m a purest when it comes to photographic technique, but I do try to create images that are as natural as possible, without relying too much on oversaturation.

Living in the rather flat lands of East Anglia, does present some challenges for anyone looking for that perfect scene and for several years I turned my camera towards people; in particular Brides & Grooms as a wedding photographer, an area not for the feint hearted! Having put aside the wedding photography for a while, I have since refocused my attention on the challenge of trying to present the landscape in a way the viewer hasn’t seen or appreciated before. It is this aspect of photography in particular that I feel most keenly defines my work; that of trying to show the viewer something new about their surroundings that generally goes unseen. Like many landscape photographers, I value the golden hours at either end of the day, which necessitate the use of slower shutter speeds in the dim light; this simple technique itself presents a world the human eye cannot see.

Having spent most of my life in the centre of the region, I have really appreciated being closer to the sea these last few years, and there is nothing more invigorating to me than to be alone on a beach at some un-earthly hour with only the sound of the birds and the sea for company. The knowledge that I am witnessing something generally unseen or appreciated, is what singularly drives me to take pictures. For me, Norfolk offers the best seascape locations, and of course boasts one of the only coastlines on the eastern side of the UK, that experiences a sunset over the sea. Suffolk has a little more of a rolling landscape, and is where I am currently spending most of my time.

I look forward to the colder shorter days, which offer so much more for the intrepid photographer willing to climb out of bed and head out into the cold. The colours of autumn are a particular draw for me and as long as you are prepared, wrapped up warm and take a lens cloth to keep the condensation from the lens, it can be hugely satisfying.

As a member of ‘The Guild of Photographers’ I was extremely pleased that a much coveted ‘Gold Bar’ award has recently been added to my collection of awards, which has inspired me to consider organising an exhibition sometime in the future. I am always keen to hear from anyone with a photographic requirement, be-it landscape or portraiture in nature.

Feel free to email me with any queries regarding my work, or indeed if you have a photographic requirement that I may be able to fulfil.

Email: info@jrmgallery.co.uk
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