Herringfleet Mill

Herringfleet Mill is an octagonal three-storey smock mill with a boat-shaped cap. Winding is by tailpole and winch, the last mill on the Broads. The four Common sails are carried on a cast-iron windshaft. The wooden brake sheel has 59 teeth. It drives a 4 feet 6 inches (1.37 m) cast-iron wallower with 47 cogs. The wallower is mounted on a 11 3⁄4 inches (300 mm) square upright shaft. At the bottom of the upright shaft a cast iron bevel gear with 33 teeth drives a cast-iron pit wheel with 102 cogs. The pit wheel is carried on a cast iron shaft 8 inches (200 mm) diameter. This shaft has at its outer end a 16 feet (4.88 m) by 9 inches (230 mm) scoopwheel. The mill could pump 2,000 imperial gallons (9,100 l) of water per minute